Suicide Squeeze by Geoff Stamper

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Suicide Squeeze follows super fan, Jamie Mudd, through an unusual Seattle baseball season where he begins to believe that his entries on a scorecard can influence action on the field. While grappling with the limitations and challenges of this startling possibility, he is confounded by the romantic distraction of a lifetime.

Jamie had always assumed a traditional role of spectator, whether observing the antics of eccentric relatives or cheering the uneven play of the hometown baseball team. Now at a crossroads in life, he is jolted from his comfortable existence by a series of unusual events and coincidences. Each baffling choice seems to lead to unexpected consequences, especially for the ballplayers who are oblivious to Jamie’s existence. Unable to share certain aspects of his apparent new power with his inseparable and flamboyant cousin, Jamie is left to stagger through his ethical and romantic dilemmas without much help.

The other characters intersecting with Jamie’s life provide little consolation as he struggles to sort out his direction. They do, however, provoke constant chaos, much hilarity, and little peace. Still, with luck, some of the craziness might even be helpful after all.




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